• Tabu - Ellen Willie Perucci
  • Tabu - Ellen Willie Perucci
  • Tabu - Ellen Willie Perucci
  • Tabu - Ellen Willie Perucci
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By Ellen Willie Perucci

Synthetic Hair with a Lace Front and a Monofilament Crown...

The Tabu Wig by Ellen Wille is our 2019 special addition to the Perucci Collection. So get ready to have some fun, because this style has 4 beautiful pastel colors along with 4 natural colors. The 4 pastel colors are Ice-Blue, Lavender, Rose-Blonde, and Rosewood. Tabu has soft beach wave all over for fullness, a wefted cap to keep you cool and a mini lace that gives you just enough lift to keep the hair parted out of your face. So weather you love the fun pastel colors or more of a natural color, this gorgeous style will have you looking fabulous. And best of all this style is made with high-quality Futura fibers, which allows you to have multiple styling options all in the same wig.

Weight: 4.4 oz.
Hair Length: Bangs 7" - Crown 11" - Sides 11" - Nape 10"
Sizes: Petite Average

Retail: $249.50
Ace Wigs Price: $199.60
New Sale! $170.00

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