Donate Your Wigs

If you represent a charitable organization and are in need of wig donations, please contact us at and ask to be placed on this list. We welcome cancer societies, alopecia organizations, and any other legitimate association that provides wigs at no charge, or at a reasonable charge, to those in need.

American Cancer Society-Discovery Shop
3651-B Midway Dr.
San Diego, CA 02110
(619) 224-4336

American Cancer Society-Lancaster Unit
314 Good Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603-9983
(717) 397-3744

Cancer Care Inc.
275 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
(212) 712-8080

St. Johns Mercy Medical Center
615 S. New Ballace Rd.
St Louis, MO 63141
ATTN: Michelle Keating

Cancer Treatment Centers of America
2520 Elisha Ave.
Zion, IL 60099
ATTN: Kristine St Louis in Marketing