Lace Front

Lace Front wigs are the latest in cap designs but the application for them boils down to personnel taste. Lace front wigs have a small sheer lace panel along the hairline attached to the front of the wig. The hair strands are hand sewn in to the holes of the lace. Wearing lace front wigs is very simple because they are stretchy and cover the entire scalp area with a natural looking hair style.

Anaheim USL-177 Anaheim USL-177(Lace Front, Full Mono, Hand Tied) New!
By Aspen Wigs C & S Fashions
Angie Angie(Full Mono)
By Envy Wigs
Anita - BA524 (Lace Front) Anita - BA524 (Lace Front)
By Bali Wigs
Apart Hi Apart Hi(Lace Front)
By Ellen Wille Hairpower
Apollo - 421  (HT Lace Front Human Hair Mono) Apollo - 421 (HT Lace Front Human Hair Mono)
By Wig Pro Wigs
Appeal Appeal(Lace Front, Full Mono, Remy Human Hair)
By Ellen Wille Human Hair
Aria - 2374 Aria - 2374 ( Lace Front)
By Rene of Paris Wigs
Arrow Arrow (Lace Front, Mono Part, Hand Tied)
By Ellen Willie Perucci
Ashley Ashley(Lace Front, Mono Part)
By Envy Wigs
Ashley - BA606 (Lace Front Mono) Ashley - BA606 (Lace Front Mono) New!
By Bali Wigs
Attitude - 4107 Attitude - 4107(Lace Front Heat Friendly) New!
By Orchid Wigs from Rene of Paris
Au Naturel Au Naturel(Lace Front)
By Gabor Wigs by HairUWear
Aura Aura (Extended Lace Front, Hand Tied, Full Mono)
By Ellen Willie Hair Society
Aurora Comfort Aurora Comfort(Lace Front, Hand Tied)
By Ellen Wille Hairpower
Ava Ava(Lace Front, Human Hair - Synthetic Hair Blend)
By Envy Wigs
Avalon Avalon(Lace Front, Lace Part)
By Estetica Designs Wigs
Award (Petite) Award (Petite)(Remy Human Hair, Lace Front, Hand Tied, Mono Top)
By Ellen Wille Human Hair
Bailey - BA601 (Lace Front) Bailey - BA601 (Lace Front)
By Bali Wigs
Barbie Barbie(Lace Front)
By Envy Wigs
Barbie - Inventory Reduction Sale Barbie - Inventory Reduction Sale (Lace Front )
By Envy Wigs