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Drugs That Cause Hairloss Drugs That Cause Hairloss
By FAQ's
  Following are drugs that are known to cause hair loss. The Generic Name is listed ...
Emailing Ace Wigs Emailing Ace Wigs
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Please go to the left panel on the website to "Contact Us" then click on the email ad...
Hair Loss Hair Loss
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Hair Loss The normal scalp contains approximately 100,000 hair...
How to Order Step by Step How to Order Step by Step
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1)   You must first select a brand on the Home Page. By clicking on a brand...
What does being processed mean? What does being processed mean?
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Your order will post in your online account as “Being Processed” until it has ...
Wig Cap Construction Wig Cap Construction
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1)    The most common is the “Wefted Cap.”  The vast ...
Wig Maintenance and care Wig Maintenance and care
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Synthetic wigs are very easy to care for, compared to human hair wigs. The most important ...
Wig Sizing Wig Sizing
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Measure your head size with a tape measure going around the head behind the ears, from the...